Triggered To Rest! Part II

Triggered to Rest!!

Ever felt that life was just Life-ing? I know “life-ing” is clearly a made up word,😂 but the reality is that the life you have been blessed to live out makes the enemy extremely mad! He’s going to throw every wrench he can possibly find in the middle of your journey… to distract you! Every day may seem to have an unpredictable outcome! Things that trigger different emotions within you will be creeping around every corner!

When life hits you in such a way that you weren’t prepared for, how do you respond? (Question for you to ponder on) How do you navigate through those moments? How can you make adjustments to respond as Jesus would?

None of us are exempt from the issues of life and having to process through any and every obstacle sent to distract us and take us off guard!

Last week we discussed the importance of giving all of our problems to God and RESTING in His Faithfulness! There are moments when we keep things in and then there are moments that we let it all out, but remain stuck and stagnant due to staying in that space for far too long!

There’s so much work to be done in the kingdom, so the longer we sit around and allow Life to simply run its course without direct submission to God, the longer we will stay in our mess!

It’s okay to not be okay! It’s okay to have your moment, but stop allowing that moment to have you! Stop staying in a place of “whoa, it’s me!” Never having solutions, but constantly with Problems!


Most times we’re busy being dramatic! God gave me the words Drama Queen and dramatics! He was dealing with me on issues I continued to battle with so I was mentally, physically and even spiritually having a whole tantrum and for nothing! 😂🥴🤦🏾‍♀️ YEP! FOR NOTHING! You see, when you’re on the journey for more of God and when you’ve told God YES, then know that He’s going to meet you right where you are! He’s going to break things down so that you are able to fully comprehend!

In Psalms, the Word says “Why are you down in the dumps” (42:11) Why are you crying the blues!? FIX YOUR EYES ON GOD!!! Soon you’ll be praising again!” In other words, it’s okay for you to have those moments of emotion, but through them you have to know and understand that God is FOR YOU! He’s not going to allow you to sit around in your funk and depressed mood! He will speak to you and trigger to you Rest! Again God prompts you to cast your cares unto Him because He cares for you and He wants you to see your Promised End!

You can’t reach a greater level of God’s Rest and Faithfulness, if you fail to surrender your thoughts, moods and heart to God! You can’t stay stuck in that moment forever!

God gives us ample time to Rest in Him! We need to begin to be more intentional in submitting our ways and plans to God! We need to learn how to walk freely in WHO God has called us to be!

The journey may be difficult, but God is with you on this journey! Whether you see it or not…that situation or person you were pouting about and having a whole dramatic moment over, will still have to be faced when you’re done with all the dramatics! So wouldn’t it be easier to get through the tough things NOW, instead of pouting, worrying and stressing? God is going to get the Glory regardless!

I love y’all!

Yalonda 🤗


Tralena - November 13th, 2022 at 5:29am

Stop all the dramatics and hand it over!! God is faithful! Amen 🙌🏾

Evonne Williams - November 23rd, 2022 at 6:44am