How Desperate Are You?

Every time I think about desperation, I’m often taken to the woman with the issue of blood! She had tried every doctor, every remedy, gone to every length to grab hold of her healing, BUT it wasn’t until she TOUCHED the HEM of Jesus Garment that she was able to feel relief! Just imagine her level of desperation, so much so that, Jesus felt something move through Him with just her touch! Electrifying, pulsating, triggering, are words that come to mind when I think about Jesus’ response to her reaching out!

Is your touch, pulling at the heart of God, to exemplify the depths of your desperation? Can your desperation for God leave others puzzled about the nature of your healing? Does your desperation move others to stop in their tracks and pause in the moment?

I absolutely loved how Youth Pastor D came with the word and how he delivered it! His expression of a fast he was on, was comical, but it was truth! He knew that it was so much bigger than him, so it wasn’t as easy to give in as much as he had wanted too! The nature of fasting alone, is meant to draw us closer to the feet of Jesus and make us see ourselves In the midst of what we are dealing with! He wanted what God wanted for him, so He had to resist the temptation!! He had to crucify his flesh and come to the end of himself! It’s the same way with each of us!

Our desperation for more of Jesus, must take us to the end of ourselves, to the point that all we want is God! As the skits came forth by the youth, nothing about us will change until we dive and dig deeper into the Word and building a stronger relationship with God! Our desperation should lead us to wanting more of God, instead of spending hours scrolling social media!

Our desperation should drive us right into wanting to know what God feels and thinks about us,  and that’s only a result of us developing a deeper relationship with Him! When we get in the groove of life and making decisions, it should be no thought of what direction we will go and how things will get done, when we have kept God at the center! God gives us a way of escape each time when faced with temptation. The reality is, have we been desiring more of God than we have been desiring to feed our flesh and give to our natural man!

Jesus was so desperate for His time with God and hearing the voice of God, that He made sure to retreat often to get a refill! In the Garden, Jesus really began to feel the pain of our MESS, to the point, He wondered Lord is there another way? His sweat became drops of blood of the agonizing pain that WE took Him through! Jesus! My God! 🥹😭🙌🏾 Even in that He knew that, He wanted Gods Will more than anything and that after counting the cost, He knew HE will follow Gods Will over His own!

Are we that desperate for God, that we put aside what we feel and what we want and go forth in God, anyway? Despite what Jesus was faced with, on account of OUR SIN, He still SURRENDERED! He kept digging as Youth Pastor D described for us! He kept pressing on to the end because He knew that it meant more for us than it did for HIM!

We have to get to a point of our lives that we are leaning and depending on God like we’ve never leaned and depended on Him, before! We have to get to the end of ourselves each and every day! We have to do the self reflections to see where we are with Christ and do what we need to do in order to draw nearer to Him!

YP De’Aris let us know that, what we consume will replace something else! When we’re consuming social media, TV, music, and our time is being divided between so much of everything else, then it’s replacing the time we should have with our Heavenly Father! I’ve said countless times before that we give everything and everyone our time and attention, but then when we’ve gotten to the end of OUR DAY, we expect God to take our sloppy seconds and give Him the bare minimum of us! Whew! Help Us Jesus!

The word adulterated was used in the sermon, with the description of illegal communication! What we communicate and what we speak outside of God puts us in the circle of being adulterers! What are we speaking and communicating with others,  even in private? Just because others don’t hear us, doesn’t mean that God doesn’t! He hears and He knows all! Our thoughts and language have to be so full of God, that when something that doesn’t sound like it’s from God,  we make the decision that we don’t want any parts of it! The final skit that the youth put on dealt with gossiping and I’ve had to repent for that gossiping spirit that use to have a hold of me! It does more damage than good, EACH TIME!

As I was studying my Word yesterday, I came to John 8 when God said, let him who is without sin, cast the first stone! Whew Jesus! We’re quick to speak on the nature and extent of another’s life, without realizing what they are truly experiencing. We speak on things that we have no clue of! After all was said and done, Jesus asked her, where are they that had so much to say? Everyone was gone! He said now go and sin no more! Our mouth and our gossiping can block so many from truly receiving their healing and salvation, because we’re so quick to stone them, without even taking a look at ourselves first! We have to be so desperate for God, that we forget all about our fleshly ways and begin to move with the Spirit each time!

It’s not what goes in a man, but out of him that defiles him! I had literally had that conversation days prior and it hit home, the minute he ministered that WORD! When it comes to dying to self and wanting more of God, the only thing going in us, should be the Word of God! Joshua says to meditate on it day and night! If we’re meditating day and night, there shouldn’t be much time and space for anything else to enter!

Last week, my favorite show came back on for another season! God has placed me in a very different playing field, than what I’ve ever been in! When He said, I’m unable to watch that show because of where He’s taking me and what He’s doing on the inside of of me, I was perplexed, 😂 but I knew that, my desire for more of God, meant putting down what I was used to and what I considered a comfort show! For me, it’s a show, for others it could be a song or music, food or anything that drives us away from God,  without even noticing it!

In ending there was a statement made and also a question made that I would love for us to ponder on! The statement made, which is a GREAT ONE, was, “What’s good doesn’t always mean it’s good for you!” Everything that’s good ain’t God, is what I love to say! You have to submit it to God to see if it’s approved by Him! Take TV and music for instance, just because it has positive and even faith filled undertones, doesn’t mean there isn’t something deeper in play happening! What we take into our Gates, matter!  It’s much deeper than what I can even begin to express here, but no matter what you’re watching or listening too, still bring that up before God, because we want to make sure He’s getting the glory even in things we may not even have the capacity to understand in the moment!

In ending, let’s consider what’s robbing us of our desperation for Christ? What is it that we think we need more than God, that’s stopping us from giving all of us to God? How Desperate are we? What’s consuming you, to the point that God isn’t your top priority? What’s taking up more space, that you can’t even seek God early? That you can’t seek Him, before consulting anything and everyone else? We have two more days of our corporate fast and let’s really get in the mud with Jesus and get undignified in our quest for more of Him! Let our desperation be so strong and real that we shock ourselves!

How Desperate Are you?

I love you all! 💕

Yalonda ✨ YOLO signing out! ✌🏾

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