Oh The Seasons…

Oh The Seasons…

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:”

‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭3:1‬ ‭NIV‬‬

We each have our favorite season of the year! We have set in our mind the likes and dislikes of each season! Some people prefer colder months and others prefer the torturing heat 😂 As you can see based on my description, I am not a fan of the summer season! The heat and bugs are a little too much and I just can’t fathom it! Anyway, I’m sure you can pretty much speak of your dislike and like of whatever natural season we are in at the moment.

Spiritually, when it comes to seasons, I’m pretty sure we have our moments of seeking God and trying to understand the season at which we are positioned in at a moment. I’ve endured many different seasons even before I fully understood what being in a SEASON actually meant! When it comes to seasons, I always realize, mostly at the end, what God intended to do through me, for me and in me through that stage of my life! Some seasons are a breeze and some seasons, wellllll…Thank God For His Protection and Comfort! 🙌🏾

Seasons of life can be symbolized as the transition and evolution from one thing to another. A moment of time that offers growth and stability. The flowing of time that allows you to transform who you are and what you tend to do! It’s a change in space from one position to another, while acknowledging the importance of God and His Being.

I would be lying if I said every season was a breeze in the park! No Ma’am! No Sir! There have been times I begged God to move me right along because I didn’t want to feel the pressure! I didn’t want to endure anything! I just wanted to eat my cake, (Ele’ Cake to be exact 😂) indulge in my ice cream and enjoy the breeze!

Reality is, as we go through these seasons of life, sometimes there are things that God needs to get out of us so that when we walk into that next season we don’t have to deal with the same battles and insecurities from the last season.

I was listening to this message a few months ago and the Pastor… Pastor Stephanie Ike stated that sometimes we could be operating in two different seasons! When we fail to deal with the issues of the current season, we still have to deal with that along with the newness of life from the next season!

So whyyyyyyyy, do we fight against what God is trying to remove from us or get to us in that season! IM SPEAKING TO MYSELF HERE, If nobody else want to receive it! I’ve experienced this quite a few times! It’s easy to play games with your mind to appear that you’re “okay” and that you’ve “dealt” with certain issues, but when that issue comes up again, it’s like Dawg! 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄 Didn’t I deal with this already! Didn’t I surrender this already!

In other words, we are honestly applying more pressure and stress upon ourselves for the next season when we continue to block and hinder the flow of God purging us in the season we are in! We set ourselves up for heartache then blame everything else around us!

Nope! We must take responsibility for where we failed to act! We must take responsibility for not being submissive to the moving of the Spirit in this season! If every season was a cake walk, then where would we gain the strength to keep trusting God, why would we even need to trust God, if everything was easy!? God’s Comfort has been life saving! If I didn’t endure anything, then HOW COULD I SHARE ABOUT THE COMFORT OF GOD, THE GOODNESS OF GOD, THE FAITHFULNESS OF GOD AND THE LOVE OF GOD!

I can only speak of WHO God is, based on WHO HE HAS BEEN TO ME! Each season I’ve made it through, has given me the opportunity to know God more and more!

I honestly feel like there is a healing stage in each season! Healing is a journey to say the least! God helps us to surrender in stages! We may not know all that we need to surrender all at once! Surrendering involves releasing things, people and situations to God so that we can begin to walk in total freedom! Surrendering allows God to have total control! Surrendering moves US out the way and Gives GOD the necessary room He needs to Move on our behalf!

✨Lord May we Decrease ALL of us and allow ALL of YOU to INCREASE in Us! We want to make sure we are walking in the promise of “Greater Are You That is In Us, than he that is of this world!” Through surrendering of this season we will receive all of YOU and the ESSENCE of WHO YOU ARE! Whew Jesus! Amen!✨

****Each season should bring with it a level of maturity within us!

Moving from season to season involves growth and a greater level of perseverance! When you’re hit with some of the same challenges as before, God has placed various resources and lots of provision for us to fully attack those situations head on!

This has been a very interesting season, as so much is taking place in the spiritual that some may not have ever experienced before! God is speaking and moving in new ways! The enemy is trying to stay ahead of the game and try new tricks! I know folks speak on how the enemy has no new tricks but these tricks that the enemy throwing has been waging like never before! And they seem pretty new to me! 😂🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ Like Whew!

This current season has moved me wayyyyy out my COMFORT ZONE and for the longest I was fighting against it every chance I got! I wasn’t trying to walk this thing out! I WAS COMFORTABLEEEE! FEAR was crippling! (Oh Just Wait On This Fear Blog…JESUS) God was making it extremely hard for me to go back to the old habits of before! I’m one that I don’t need to touch a hot stove to know it’s hot, so He was showing me what was behind me if I chose to go back! I’m cool! I’m gone move forward Boss!

When we try to go back instead of moving forward in the season, we give the enemy the opportunity to steal, kill and easily destroy us! We have to make sure we are making adjustments and being flexible to the moving of the Holy Spirit so we won’t even have the desire to go back…NO MATTER HOW DIFFICULT THINGS FEEL!

We went through a freedom series where we received inspiration to not go back to our beggardly ways that kept us in bondage before! God has given us everything we need to keep moving forward! 🙌🏾 Through the season, God isn’t going to leave us stranded with no way out! He’s not tossing us to the wolves to fend for ourselves! God just wants His Very Best for us! We have to believe it, walk like it, talk like it and be about it! The way our season ends is precedent on how we maneuver through it! We can trust God and walk this thing out with Him or we can spend years in the wilderness like the Israelites because we fail to believe in Gods Word and the Promises of Him!  

The amazing thing about trusting God in the season that you’re in is that God is still the same! Never changing in the promises He has made with us! He’s Always ahead of the game! He’s already defeated the enemy, so God isn’t alarmed at the tricks of the enemy. To HIM, they’re all the same! They’re the same because God knows His children and He has already made preparations for your life before you were ever conceived! God knows what to do, but He’s also waiting on you to seek Him on what you should do and how you should usher Him into your presence and your life! Like Pastor C said, God’s a gentleman so He’s not gonna strong arm you at all! If you want Him to intervene then let Him know!

✨Seek Him! Commune with Him!✨

Placing the entirety of YOU in the Palm of Christ Hands is such a necessity. Okay n order to fully flow with Christ you HAVE TOOOOO make an intentional stance on making Him TOP PRIORITY!

Your Season will be exactly what you make it out to be! You can either succumb under pressure or you can allow that Pressure to lift you up! God is always going to be there with you! Gods always gonna love you beyond measure! The depths and width of His Love for you is LIMITLESS!

Take a risk and ask God what He desires from you in this season! Take a risk and trust Him in this season! Take a risk and cry out to Him in this season and hand all of those burdens over to Him! Take a risk and be vulnerable before God! Take a risk and let God love you during this season! Taking a risk with God is such an amazing thing! You’ll always come out feeling like you can conquer anything…and WITH CHRIST you can CONQUER anything!

This season may have started out rough for you, but God is waiting for you to surrender it to Him and let Him Love on you and Comfort You! My prayer for you as you go through:

Lord engulf your children in all of YOU! Allow them to feel your presence when they are overwhelmed with Life! Allow them to know that You have never left them or forsaken them and you never will! Lord give them the space to release all of them to you! Lord during this season of their life, walk with them, talk with them and allow them to do the same with you! Help them to see themselves the way that you See them! Lord help them to form the words to speak to you! Lord help them to navigate the waves of life, WITH YOU! Lord I thank you that as they seek you for direction in this season that you will be there with them as you have promised! Lord I thank you that you hear them and answer them! Lord let them know you are not looking for perfection, but for a willing heart that is ready to make you top priority on their lives! Lord I pray that you reveal to them the inner depths of your heart as they posture themselves to receive you! Receive the part of you that can change all of them! I thank you that they seek the Promiser and not just the Promise! Lord make it real for them! Deliver them from the hurt and pain that have held them bound for so long! Lord let them experience you IN THIS so they can have one of the most ELECTRIFYING “AFTER THIS” MOMENTS! In Jesus Name! Amen!

Love y’all,


Tralena - September 3rd, 2022 at 6:41am

This was so good! It is a choice to accept the season your in and allow God to transform you! God I surrender to You in this season. Do what You want to do in me!

Craig - September 3rd, 2022 at 6:50am

Maturity should come after each season! Love it, awesome work God’s cover girl. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Evonne Williams - September 6th, 2022 at 4:19am

Oh the seasons! The test and trials season WHEW LAWD( in Ms. Slaughter voice). Love it💛💛