Heyyyyy CHOSEN Fam!

Some may know and some may not, BUT from the beginning of CHOSEN, Pastor has always stressed the importance of AFTER SUNDAY! Our worship, praise, devotion to God, us being Disciples of Christ and being the CHURCH, extends beyond the 4 walls of the sanctuary not just on Sundays! Our commitment to being aligned with God, takes SHAPE outside of just Sunday! There are moments where the Spirit is thick in the Sanctuary, but the minute we leave, some leave the church the same way they came in! Sundays should be our ROLLOVER from the rest of the WEEK!

What does your Praise look like on a Monday when life gets full and busy? What are you doing on Wednesdays that draws you closer to God?

The past two times that the message has been brought forth has blessed me immensely. Sunday was BEAUTIFUL! Talk about the  process to Deliverance that had taken place is something amazing to encounter! The lives of the young people on the altar! Elder De’Aris allowed God to use him, BUT who has allowed that word to become real to them even after Sunday service was over? How did you apply what God allowed him to deliver! It wasn’t just for the children and YOUTH, it was for US ALL!

In scripture, he came from John 5 and one thing that stood out is when Elder D read the scripture of God asking do you want to be made whole? Whew Jesus! it’s our response to God that determines the next stage of our journey! Whether it be deliverance or whether it be healing, our response to God outside of SUNDAY will determine the course of how God moves next within us! As the message was delivered, it was made evident that God wanted a YES or a NO! 🙌🏾😭 He’s not worried about our excuses… WHY because He ALREADY KNOWSSSSS, that which is keeping us bound up! So again do you want to be made whole?? Elder pressed upon us as adults to be HONEST, and discussed how WE as adults create the broken home for the children! 😭 Deliverance was in that statement on whether you received it or not! We set the tone of our homes, by the level of Christ that we display within our homes!

Wednesday Bible study Elder Chris came forward and the message was on STEWARDSHIP! Jesus! How are we stewarding what God has given to us? He went over those things that we have been required to steward! We are not the owner of the things that God had given us access to, but we are to be obedient to His ordinance and MANAGE what He has given us! Our perception of Christ determines how we respond to Christ and how we manage what He’s given to us! The scripture came from Matthew 5:14-30 (Double check, but I believe that’s it) Too many times we become stressed and bogged down by TRYING TO DO and take ownership of something that already has an OWNER, and that’s Jesus!

How are you taking care of your body? How are you managing your finances? How are you managing your HOME? How are you managing your GIFTS AND TALENTS? How are you managing your 2nd, 4th and 6th chance! If we’re HONEST, we’ve bypassed the 2nd chance a long time ago! 🥴

Elder De’Aris came from SCRIPTURE when he stated SIN NO MORE! That’s key to us staying free and delivered! God has equipped us to be WHOLE, but how are we managing our time with Him? Are we stewarding our lives in such a way that when temptation arises, we know our first like of defense is JESUS?

Both of these messages had me reflecting and also repenting for not stewarding what God has placed in my HANDS! God really trusts us to carry out His Plan and we fumble the ball at times because we have yet to put forth into play the strategy He has given for us to cultivate His Kingdom Purpose and Agenda!  

God isn’t looking for PERFECTION, but He is desiring obedience and our desire to manage what He has given! We can’t expect our children to flow in their element and calling with Christ, if we aren’t! We can’t expect transformation within us, our homes, our children, church, or family if we aren’t doing our assignment that He has equipped us! Are we transforming?

I’m reminded of the movie WAR ROOM! Jesussss! The daughter didn’t begin to post prayers, start to pray, read her word, draw closer to God, UNTIL she saw her MOTHER do it! She wasn’t able to feel a sense of Peace and security with her FATHER until He came to her to apologize for not being the best dad she needed! It took the FATHER stewarding His relationship with God, His wife and his daughter, that things started to SHIFT! It took the MOTHER, stewarding her relationship with the same, that her daughter began having the assurance of who she was in Christ and being able to feel safe and loved by her PARENTS!

How we steward this life with God is so important! There are so many lives attached to our obedience and the way we intentionally are intimate with Christ!

Finishing up, there are two points that were made in Bible study that I want to pull out more!

🖤 If you are faithful with the little, God will allow you to be faithful over MUCH! You can’t expect anything bigger than what you’ve given the capacity to steward, if you’re not even trying to manage the small! (Luke 16:10)

💛 To whom much is given, much is required! One who has been entrusted with much, even more will be expected (Luke 12:48) We can’t continue in the same frame of thinking and doing as we did before! Once God has equipped you and made known to you what He desires for and from you, then there is no space for excuses! Because when you know better you do better!

✨Do you want to be made WHOLE?
✨ Will you steward what God has placed in your hands?

Pray, Repent and get back in the flow of doing what God has called you to do! You can’t expect greater when you’re not even doing the bare minimum.

After Sunday is taking the WORD and applying it to your daily life, through allowing God’s Presence to flow through you! Sundays should be overflow from the week prior and it starts with how you’re managing your time in the Presence of God! Resist the enemy and He will flee! God has given us a way of escape so that we aren’t willfully sinning and placing ourselves in continual bondage.

I love you all!

Remember come looking extra dapper in your Sundays best this Sunday! It’s Communion Sunday and what better way than to prepare NOW, to get yourself in alignment before we take communion!


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