November (12 Days of CHOSEN)

🎶✨Grateful! Grateful! Grateful! Flowing from my HEART are the issues of my HEART! It’s Gratefulness!!!✨🎶

What better way to offer PRAISE, than in NOVEMBER? November did NOT disappoint, yawl hear me!!! Let me go ahead to break it down for yawl! I mean duhhhh! 😂 BUT… CHOSEN, in the words of Jameka: 😉

✨We had a time at CHOSEN✨

Chosen Women had their first panel discussion and it was REAL! The ladies sent in questions and the women had GODLY, FAITH BASED, BIBLICAL answers and responses! We honestly made HISTORY LADIES! The depth of the notes I have from that night, continues to speak! There were moments from the panel that everyone could have received from! There were questions for married women, women who have been divorced, single women, spiritual and natural health, mental health and others! I enjoyed the attentiveness of everyone speaking!

Yeah Okay, NOW…Come on and bring in it because our Worship Pastor Had his first Worship Night at the church! When I tell youuuuuu, it was pure worship! The ALTAR was FILLED! The HOUSE was FILLED! God blew out expectations out the door! It’s as if everyone was on their feet and worshipping!

I admire the freshness and the authentic motion of the HOUSE! People have never lifted their hands in worship, sang or dancing has truly been giving God praise during worship no matter  what day we enter the sanctuary! It’s as if every week, there’s another level of God’s Glory being revealed in the HOUSE!

As we touch on GOD’S GLORY, Elder Tralena came throughhhhhh with a dynamic word from the Lord! I love her act of obedience to God, when He says to say something! It’s not always as easy as it seems, when pastors, deacons, elders or whomever comes and give a WORD from the Lord! You never know how people will respond or how they will take you as the messenger. But I admire her diligence to only care about what God has told her to do! Due to that, CHOSEN was wrecked by the Spirit on November 5th! Her titles was called: WHAT DO YOU SEE? Whew!

She said it’s time to step into being totally FREE in CHRIST! 🙌🏾🦋🩵 The scriptures were endless in this sermon! One scripture that stuck out to me was Hosea 4:6! Yawl we really are destroyed for a lack of knowledge! We lack the knowledge because we lack the movement of God! We lack the movement because we refuse to let go of the old ways that have kept us bound! Similar to what I said before, when you know better you must do better! God is calling us higher CHOSEN and we can’t stay STUCK! We can’t allow the enemy to have our finances, our anointing and call, our families or anything else that you deem a blessing to our lives!


Playtime is over and we need to grow up! Elder Tralena talked about eh Glory of God! It’s time to activate the new degree of Glory for our lives! We MUST begin to know who we are! We don’t have time to ponder, think, or hold board meetings both what we are to do and who we are! WE ARE GOD’S CHOSEN! He has already told us who we are! We’re just too comfortable that we don’t even seek to get into His Word to know what the Word says about us!

The enemy takes full advantage of us not knowing who we are! LISTEN!!! The enemy know who we are too! Why do you think he challenges us so hard! He knows the plans of God so He knows very well the authority and power that God has placed on the inside of us! Since we fail to know for ourselves, it’s easy for him to grab a small entry way to deceive us! Can we really blame the enemy for some things that happen to us, if we are freely giving him access?

God has given us access keys, but we keep losing them! Just as a child sits on the front porch of their home, waiting for their parent to get home and mad cause they’re taking their time! When in reality we were the irresponsible ones who continue to mishandle the keys they keep receiving!

I’m going to leave you with this statement:

✨Stop looking through the lens of the old man✨

We are not who we used to be! We can’t continue to answer for the old man! Crucify that flesh! Crucify that limited mindset! Crucify those ungodly soul ties! Crucify every negative word spoken over you! The more we continue to answer for the old man, the longer it will take to get him out of our system! We say we want freedom, but what are we doing to gain that freedom? We have no power because we fail to HEAL and walk in our true identity in Christ! We are New Creations in Christ, who are royalty, but yet and still we walk around like peasants; accepting whatever comes our way!

I’m tired of accepting the bare minimum from myself! I’m tired of giving God my sloppy seconds! The minute we begin to know who we are in Christ, the minute we will be able to walk in that freedom and begin to  see things from God’s view and not my own!

Do you see yourself as WHOLE, HEALED, DELIVERED?


Do you see yourself as broken and full of shame? Driven by guilt and being led by the deception of the enemy?

It’s time to break out of those old regimens that have kept us bound! Time to break free of the guilt that has kept us bound because we refuse to forgive ourselves! Time to break free from the shackles of the trauma and refusing to HEAL!

It’s time CHOSEN to mature up! For most of God is tossing the MILK out and it’s time for the SOLID of JESUS!  

With growth comes pain! With pain, God has already stepped on the scene and paved a way for us!

Love you all dearly! Thank you for Rocking with us these last few days! We made it to the end! 12 Days of CHOSEN has a final day of DECEMBER and yawl, I’m so excited for everyone in this ministry that has decided to TRY JESUS!


God is more than enough yawl! This stance that so many will take as we end the year through baptisms, gives me a new zeal in Christ that it’s no stopping! One day in HIS COURTS…whew! Nothing compares to the loving Father that we have in Jesus!

There’s so much HEALING, DELIVERANCE AND RESTORATION made available to us in CHRIST! Accept it and being to see yourself the way that God sees you!

I love you!

And of course YOLO signing out! ✌🏾


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