Being Present…

“I was PRESENT, yet ABSENT at the same time!”
~Author Unknown
During my study and personal time with God, He has been dealing with me on being present in His Presence.  I journal and on the Title page for the month I penned the statement, “Be Present as you enter into God’s Presence.” There is a difference between entering into someone’s home and entering in that home and being fully alert and ready to engage with that person. God has been dealing with me on giving Him my full attention and being alert to what He is doing during that time. There are times when I could drift off and focus on things that are not relevant to being in God’s Presence at the moment. Focused on things that won’t bring me any closer to the things of God nor do they have anything to do with what’s happening in the NOW MOMENT!

God gives us many scriptures to note that describes His desire for us to commune with Him, Be with Him, Submit to Him, and just flat out REST in His Presence. I’m your personal time this week, spend some time meditating on these scriptures:

Psalm 16:11
Matthew 6:33
Psalm 84:10
Matthew 11: 28

As introverted as I am, God is one person that I can truly dine with, commune with and enjoy being in His Presence. In the reality of all I just stated there are times that I miss the opportunity to be fully PRESENT before God. Sometimes our personal lives consumes so much of the time we have set aside for God. It shouldn’t be that way, but we make it that way. We allow the noise of the world to drown out the time that we have set to be with God, and YET we rush off to the world and our lives when we are supposed to be having intimate times with God. Doesn’t seem like we rather be in His Gates with Thanksgiving much does it?!? Not when we look at it from that view. When you truly want to be somewhere and spend quality time with a person you will block out everything to be with that person. The same should be true for God. But we don’t always operate in that manner.

Why do we drift off when it’s time to spend personal times with God? What’s so important in that moment that God gets an afterthought? Why aren’t we drowning out the distractions that invade our lives, but drown out God when we want to watch our favorite TV show or movie, or when we want to scroll on social media and watch the chaotic lives of those that we follow? God wants all of our attention, yet we give Him the bare minimum. We continue to give all of our attention to other things, while God stands in the door waiting excitingly to pour out into us.

How and why are we missing the opportunity to be present before God when He constantly makes sure we are perfectly taken care of? The other day as I was in my time with God, I had to check myself as I went to grab my phone. What was so important that I failed to give God my undivided attention and focus? Why wasn’t I present in the moment I had with God?

When you fail to be PRESENT before God, you miss your opportunity to be FILLED to OVERFLOWING with all of God’s Goodness. His Goodness extends beyond borders, man. Honestly, God’s Filling is beyond anything you could ever experience outside of Him.

Although, God isn’t pressed for Time and He exists outside of time, we are here on earth for a time that is not at all known by us. So why don’t we use the time that we have to fully embrace and be Present in the moment with God? We set these times and moments in our minds of what we are going to give God and as soon as the clock starts, we literally express to God that He needs to do what He needs to do in the time that we have given.


We start our internal and external clocks so if we set that we are giving God only an hour, we make sure we stick to that hour. Listen I can only comment on how it has been for me and how God has been getting me together for months on being Present with HIM.

Anyway, we set those clocks and start a countdown. In that time that we have directed for God, we start to get notifications on our phones and on our social Medias. We respond to folks we haven’t responded to all week, but yet we feel that they deserve the time that God is deserving of at the moment. But wait, God is still on the clock. We went from an hour to only spending 5 minutes (interrupted) with God because we decided social media was more deserving of our presence. Which means we failed to fully embrace God in the Present Moment. After scrolling social media for 20 minutes while we are 10 minutes in that leaves us with 30 more minutes to spend with God. In that time we apologizing for being distracted and asking God to help us to focus on Him and make Him priority. During that time God is doing what He can to FILL US. As he pours out, we get another notification and boom, we’re off again. The clock still rolling and we making sure we stick to that clock and time that we have set for God. Oh we gone stay with that schedule, but find it hard to knock other plans down to be with God. Do you see where I am going with this?

We start with and hour set aside for God. In that hour time we spend close to 30 minutes being distracted by everything and allowing everything else to consume our time and we miss the opportunity to be PRESENT with God. You take the last 10 minutes with God crying and pleading with Him to forgive you and how horrible you feel, when the entire time you missed every opportunity to be filled to overflowing with everything God has for you on that day or night. You spend the rest of the day FEELING DEPLETED because you thought being Present on social media, friends, family and whatever other distractions come your way, was more important than that moment with God.

God gives us the Grace daily to get it right and live in right standing with Him. Each day we are given another chance to enter into God’s Presence. What are we going to do with that time from here on out? God desires for us to enter into His Presence. He stated that in John 17: 24.

“Father, I want those you gave me to BE WITH ME WHERE I AM. Then they can see MY GLORY, which YOU gave ME because YOU LOVED ME before the creation of the world!!!!!

The truth is there are people we continue to force ourselves in their presence and they don’t have an ounce of Love or Genuineness towards us. YET…JESUS!!!!! He desires for us to ENTER IN HIS PRESENCE AND TO BE PRESENT. To SEE HIS GLORY!!!! We show up and show out for people who could care less about anything we have going on. We seek to impress the social media world and they don’t like a thing that you post about WHO GOD IS OR WHAT HE IS DOING IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!

We are all on different levels of our walk with Christ. Pastor C said it not too long ago. Some of us should be off breast milk by now and enjoying that Good Salmon or Steak for other folk! LOL! With that being said, some may be able to engage with God for an hour and others only a few minutes. The goal here is to truly know your heart and God knows your heart and He knows what you are capable of. Start somewhere and work your way up. Whatever you and God work out make sure you show up and be intentional. That’s what being present is all about! It’s about being intentional with the time that God has allowed you to have as you engage with Him. Worship, Praise, Study your Bible, Search your heart and allow God to make you like Him. It’s a journey and we are on this journey together!!!

I love you all! We are here for everyone!

Yolo 🤗😘


Craig - October 8th, 2022 at 1:52pm

Don’t make God the after thought. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

Tralena - October 8th, 2022 at 2:41pm

"...make sure you show up and be intentional." Yes ma'am!!! This was so good!!

Practice presence! 🙌🏾