May (12 Days of CHOSEN)


MAY! MAY! MAY I have your attention please‼️
CHOSEN FAMMMMM!!!! Yawl didn’t think I was going to let this day go by without posting our 5th day of CHOSEN, did you? This MONTH in HISTORY of 2023, we TURNED 1! Not only did we turn 1, but on MAY 21, 2023, our AMAZING PASTOR was INSTALLED! He had already been in ministry for years! Already been our Pastor for a year, butttttttt, this was a time in HISTORY for us all to witness and take part in! It was a blessing to see the humility of our Pastor and the heart that he has for GOD’S PEOPLE!
Knowing him for years, over a decade, he’s always had a heart for people, even when he has the mug on his face! 😂😂😂 BUT getting the opportunity to serve under his LEADERSHIP as my PASTOR has been PHENOMENAL! It was tough in the beginning of getting adjusted to this NEWNESS, but the proof still stands, that PASTOR CRAIG is ANOINTED! God has ORDAINED him to SHEPHERD the flock here at CHOSEN!! There’s so much that could be said about our Pastor and I’m sure hoping you all will share in this month of honoring him and sending love his way! It’s NOT EASY at all to serve us HUMANS 😂 God has GRACED him to be able to do just that! Those who are called to him, will be able to receive from him and for that we are grateful!

On this day, his Pastor, Pastor Michael Lyons, came forth with the WORD and also installed our Pastor! He spoke of the wisdom that Pastor Craig possesses and how he knew that as he stepped out in this journey that he needed somebody to hold him accountable and would bring the standard to him! He said Pastor Craig knew that he needed someone who would hold his FEET to the FIRE! (My God) Listen, sidebar: WHO YOU ALL GOT HOLDING YOURSELVES ACCOUNTABLE! If you’re not changing, growing, being challenged, reconsider who you have holding you up and holding you accountable.

Okay, back focused! Sheesh! He spoke of how it meant a great deal to him that, Pastor Craig allowed himself to be subject to someone in authority and to answer too! That blessed me because there were so many who thought our pastor was just out here doing his own thang and answering to nobody! But truthfully, he answered to GOD and God holds him accountable even if He didn’t send for Pastor to check in with anyone! The heart of our pastor, the wisdom and servanthood that he has, truly does set the standard for all of us!
How many Pastors you know are going to hop on the keyboard or drums on days that he isn’t preaching! Thats an opportunity to sit in the pew and just listen, BUT not Pastor Craig! Whether he rocking some Jordans or some Stacy Adams ( I’m sure that’s a thing…don’t know if he wears those, but yawl get the point) he is going to serve! In the fire with the other men gutting the building to prepare for the school, he serves alongside them and getting dirty too! On days that we have self-care and we at home, relaxing and enjoying our families and self care, guess where he starts his morning…at CHOSEN!

It’s an honor to serve alongside him as my leader, my Pastor because I know he gone be in the shuffle right along with us! If we run, he gone run! If we in a fight, he gone be in the fight! Remember he from CROWNPOINT with the nickname…I ain’t telling yawl that! 😂 In the fight He gone bring Jesus though! He not messing up no Jays, now 😂😂😂 No, but seriously, he’s a praying man and will definitely pray and cover us!

May was surely about the developing and growth of CHOSEN and how God has had His way! Last May, we even had Pastor Asia and Elder Tralena on the worship team! I was serving with the YOUTH! God has shifted the ministry so much and is aligning everyone where they are to be! That’s a blessing! To know that, yes you’ve been called to this, but God is saying NOW…you’re called to This! If Pastor would have never said YES to God, just imagine where you would be! I knowwww where I would be and I send praises to God often and grateful for Pastor’s YES!

Our time of celebration with CHOSEN was awesome inspiring! The food, the fun, the fellowship and the Word!! It draws us all in! The lives of the people who have crossed those doors and stayed…WE LOVE YOU! Those who have come and left…WE LOVE YOU! CHOSEN seeks to show the LOVE of CHRIST at all times and it starts from our PASTOR! God has placed a mighty anointing on his life and the it’s tinkling all the way down to us all!

As we continue to get into alignment those same things will begin to tinkling down into us! I mean LISTEN! Pastor was HEALED and DELIVERED from CANCER and every single person that has been under the ministry who was faced with any form of CANCER has been CLEARED, DELIVERED and made WHOLE! It starts from the TOP! It’s not just about what we can receive but about the BOND that we form with GOD!

I may be biased, but I’m soooooo BLESSED by the ministry of CHOSEN and also my Pastor! I shocked myself the first time I called him PASTOR! Only because, it’s like YOOOOOO, PASTOR C, you really are PASTOR! 😭🙌🏾 Your life is a testimony of God’s FAITHFULNESS and how God can truly use us underdogs to fulfill PURPOSE! Whew Jesus!

I love yawl! I’m blessed to serve with and for some amazing people!

Send words, prayers and encouragements up as we step into a new year! A new year that our Pastor has already been preparing for!

As always, YOLO signing out ✌🏾



Jennifer Dewberry - December 24th, 2023 at 7:38pm

Thank you for highlighting the month of May!! It was a pleasure being there to witness Pastor C’s instillation at the new church!! 💙

Craig - December 25th, 2023 at 6:37pm

Awesome!!!! So honored to serve a great group of believers!