April (12 Days of CHOSEN)

So long, farewell to you my friends! Sing it with me yawl! 🎶 So long farewell to you my friends! Goodbye for now until we meet again!



April 2, 2023, CHOSEN, we had our RE-LAUNCH Service! When I tell YOUUUUUUUU, it was everything! 🙌🏾😭

CHOSEN KIDS under the Leadership of Ashley, made their way into the classrooms this month and they got to learn of Jesus’s Resurrection! The kids love being in Chosen Kids and it’s a joy seeing them running around and forming tiny people relationships! I’m convinced that they walk through the doors, knowing which friend they need to see that day! 😍🤗

We kicked off our Pre-Game and Post- Game segments and it did NOT disappoint! I’m convinced they don’t have much sense (In AP voice) 😂 because the level of comedy going forth blessed me! Elder Tralena and Worship Pastor E keeps the vibes going for PreGame! I try to dodge the camera because they stay cutting up! Always Fun and Excitement! Worship Pastor E, is a true comedian. I’m convinced of that! 😂 Get in the HOUSE by 945 to see for yourself! 🤷🏾‍♀️
Anyhoo, while we are at it with addressing Pastor E, the Worship Team under his leadership got the OIL!! Pastor E ignites the worship encounters and helps us go in! EVERY SUNDAY!! The depths and intensity of the Spirit encamping within the sanctuary has only gotten better once we stepped into Chosen’s HOME! I’m not sure if better is the word to use, but the richness of the Spirit and the heightened awareness of Holy Spirits Presence has shifted in such a way that you can’t miss it unless you’re just not tapped in! The Worship Experience each week has allowed God to have His Way! It’s as if each week, God pulls back a different layer to allow Healing and Deliverance to take place! Breath Taking! 🙌🏾😭🖤💛
As with any ministry or new thing, there are hiccups along the way and moments of wanting to make sure that God gets the Glory! From the beginning I would pray that God gets the Glory and that as a BODY, we aren’t putting on a PRODUCTION, but that we are letting God put on HIS SHOW! We aren’t about bringing people in the church to have bodies and numbers, but to disciple them and to help draw them closer to Christ and for them to develop their relationship with Christ! You may see this in every post, but the AGENDA is JESUS! We REPRESENT and PRESENT Jesus!

✨Value the Presence of God over the Platform✨

Our Focus isn’t on the PLATFORM! We know that validation and the moving of God doesn’t come from us and what we do and how well we do it! Our validation comes from GOD! Whether or not others are able to see and understand what is going on, know that God does! We are a very unorthodox church! We aren’t going with the religious duties that we have been catering to for years! Being Unorthodox allows God to have full reign! We are reaching people who may not ever step into a church, which is why I believe CHOSEN operates outside the walls of 295 East Salem! God can’t be placed in a box!

✨We want God! We need God!! We desire to give GOD!!✨

In April, Pastor continued with the JESUS SERIES! On Re-Launched Service he titled the sermon: ✨CAN YOUR LOYALTY BE BOUGHT✨ DON’T SWITCH UP, and had come from Luke 22! Whew Lord! There are moments where we have done more thirsting over others instead of thirsting after Christ! Our heart needs to be so in tuned with God! When we are in spaces and places that would require us to compromise, we need to continue to stand with Jesus! NO MATTER WHAT!!!
Where has your loyalty been resting? It’s one thing to make a social media post and post about CHOSEN, but what does your lifestyle represent to God when you’re not in the light of others! We wear masks to hide who we are! God has made provision for us to be cleansed and set free, but sometimes we refuse to grab hold of it, which continues to leave us bound. How have you been loyal to Christ? It’s not just about a Sunday worship encounter, but a daily encounter with Christ! Christ dwells within us and we carry Him with us, but the issues align when we stop carrying Jesus with us! Our loyalty shifts and changes when we become afraid of PEOPLE! God gives the increase; not MAN! God desires us to be TRUE FOLLOWERS OF HIM, and NOT SWITCH UP! Switching up makes us a double minded man! We’re wayward and lukewarm! Straddling the fence and expecting Jesus to show up like a genie in a bottle!

I’m going to leave this point and question for you to ponder! God is loyal to us NO MATTER WHAT, but why do we stray away from God when things don’t look like what we want them to look like? Do we feel that we know more than God? We say we don’t, but our actions prove that we think we know it all 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ (I’ve been guilty before)

✨Even when we have been disloyal to God, He STILL stayed LOYAL to us✨

The moment we decide to change and allow God to have full precedence over us, there will be so many things against us stepping out and being about JESUS and that is OKAY! Our level of loyalty comes to fruition when we’re faced with adversity! Will you still trust God or will you move closer to your comfort, which leaves God out of your plans?

As for ME and MY house, WE will SERVE the LORD! Is this True for you and your family or is it a wall painting in your home, that’s collecting dust? Does your service, honor, submission to God extend beyond just Sunday or are you dropping luggage off and picking it back up as you leave out the doors of the CHURCH?

Things found in our Luggage:
* Lust
* Pride
* Sexual immorality
* Drunkenness
* Homosexuality
* Gluttony
* Addictions
* Hatred
* Jealousy
* Doubt
* Unbelief
* Lack of Self-Control

What’s in your luggage? When are you dropping it off at the nearest FEDEX, to be shipped back to the pit of hell it came from?

Pastor tasked us with the question in April during Bible Study, which I feel flows in line with the Sunday Message, “Do YOU live a life of OBEDIENCE or do you just have OBEDIENT moments!”

Lifestyle of obedience comes into play when we know that our loyalty has to reside in Christ! The lack of obedience represents that your loyalty only resides with God when it’s convenient for you! What if God decided to only show up and meet us in our need, when it was convenient and a perfect time for Him! God doesn’t operate in time, we do! So when things don’t shift how we want and when we want, we begin to doubt the very essence of God, which leads us to showing the depths of our loyalty!

The enemy wants to keep YOU bound. Stop looking for people to do what God can only do. God sees you right where you are and he accepts you right where you are, but it’s not where you should stay.


Today you can remove the barrier that stands between you and Jesus and allow Him to transform you so that you can begin to show your loyalty to Him and not compromise the WORK that He has already been doing in you! The message is never to CONDEMN, but to Convict us to draw even closer to God and to live a life that is pleasing to Him so that we can be in His Perfect Will!

Jesus showed His Loyalty to Christ and His Love for us, the minute he carried the load of the cross on His back to be crucified! Even knowing what a MESS we were to become, He hung His head and said, “IT IS FINISHED!” 🙌🏾😭😭🩸

What do you need to FINISH, Come out of alignment and covenant with so that you can show your loyalty to Christ? His Sacrifice and Obedience made a way for us! He made the Ultimate Sacrifice and showed the greatest level of loyalty to us, and of course nothing we do will ever be able to top that, but God has said obedience over sacrifice. There will be sacrifices that we have to make in order to continue being obedient to Christ, so let’s get in order and in alignment before the finale of this year! We don’t want to walk into 2024 or another day for that matter, with God questioning our loyalty because of the way we decide to journey through this life that God has blessed us to journey on!

With Maturity in Christ comes our Lotalty to Christ! CHOSEN, as a body, we have been weened off of milk and now it’s time to take on some solid food so that we just aren’t knowing of God, but we’re in His Word knowing Him and living out the mandate He has given us to live out! Walking in Obedience and leaving the excuses at the altar.

What must you do and how must you live, to show forth your loyalty to Christ??  

I love you all and as always YOLO signing out! ✌🏾💛🖤



Tralena - December 23rd, 2023 at 9:18am

NO more milk! GROW UP‼️ I felt that! We're going up CHOSEN!! 🙌🏾🙏🏽

Craig - December 23rd, 2023 at 9:44am

💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾. GROWTH

Jennifer Dewberry - December 24th, 2023 at 7:44pm

There were so many gems in this blog that I had to pause and read them again!! With that being said, GOD is lit in Chosen! I love when you said, “ The AGENDA is JESUS! We REPRESENT and PRESENT Jesus!” That sums up my WHY at Chosen!! Thank you💞