Surrender WRAP UP!

When you fully surrender and wholeheartedly give your life to Christ, TRANSFORMATION overtakes you like never before! Ask me how I know??? 😭🙌🏾💛 I’m reminded of Jesus as we finished up the SURRENDER series. He was the ultimate sacrifice and He surrendered to GOD in a way that no one will ever be able to do so. He’s our EXAMPLE, though, of how to surrender and the posture we are to take as we surrender. Jesus felt the sting of what He was called to do, even before He took the first step to do it! The sting was a result of our sin, our filthiness and our infirmities. Like us, Jesus thought and spoke to see if there was another way!

Surrender may not always seem easy! There may be many emotions that come forth as you begin to release, but we have to remember that our emotions and feelings are very fickle. They change as the wind blows!

Even in the question of whether the cup could be passed form Him, Jesus knew He would do whatever, the FATHER, has asked!! ✨NOT MY WILL, LORD, BUT YOUR WILL BE DONE!

Thank you JESUS! We are to be living examples of Christ. What we reflect, should come as a result of our time with our Father! (I pray we all begin to know and see God as our FATHER!)

💢What are we giving up daily to be in right standing with God and to mirror the life that we are fully surrendered to Him?

True transformation comes as we submit and surrender to God! The Word says that we are a NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST! 💢How can we be IN Christ, if we aren’t surrendering ourselves over to walk into what He is asking us to walk in💢 The OLD has passed away and the NEW has come! In order to walk into the NEW, the OLD ways have to be surrendered! To make room for the new you have to surrender what no longer fits! 🤷🏾‍♀️ Wearing old, outdated, too big, or too small clothing, will have you looking pretty much out of place within your own self. The same is true when we try to keep what no longer fits us in the spirit! We begin to look exactly how we feel! Holding on to the weight of the world that God has said to let go of! Whew! I digress! Let’s continue! 😂

Dying to self daily takes DISCIPLINE. A continual process. I’ve made the mistake many times of handing something over to God, but not being disciplined and consistent with maintaining what He replaced with what I gave up! I would consider myself good and fine one day, but God didn’t mean for me to not keep resisting what was meant to be given over to Him, daily. As a result I would walk right back into that thing with the same mindset and exhibiting some of the same behaviors! I went right back and picked up what I had put down! I didn’t make a conscious decision daily to keep giving things over to God, until I could walk that thang out without even a thought! The enemy is always lurking around the corner, seeking and waiting to devour! He’s waiting to catch us slipping!

We have to always be girded and armored; ready for battle! God’s Word says we are to take our positions and know that the battle isn’t ours! We don’t even have to fight! This battle isn’t a physical one, against flesh and blood, but it’s SPIRITUAL! Our stance can’t be natural! We have to get into the discipline of seeking Holy Spirit and welcoming Him into our situations and the entirety of our lives. We make the mistake of doing NOTHING. Getting into POSITION still requires movement! Spiritual movement. There is still action on our parts which could very well mean that we fast, pray, and/or sow! The process of surrender, requires something on our end! We have to release what has been keeping us bound. Release the thoughts and ways that have prevented us from hearing God clearly!

The enemy would love for us to stay the same. He places fear in us where we begin to think, “if I give this up then I’m only left with this!”
💢What’s your THIS?💢 The issue is that most of what we refuse to surrender is killing us physically and spiritually, but we hold on, not realizing that what we need to release and surrender, God has something more in store that will give us what we will need as we continue this journey with Him!  

Surrender is our POSTURE! We do not belong to ourselves. God bought us with a HEFTY PRICE! He’s the OWNER and CREATOR! He’s the POTTER and we are the CLAY! He knows how to mold us! He knows what we were and are created for! Why do we hold on when God knows what it takes for us to walk into a new level! We miss out on true intimacy with God, when we refuse to surrender. We remain bound!

God continues to give us a way of escape, but we make things much deeper and more complicated than they have to be! He says to give our cares and burdens to Him so we can be free, but too often, many of us choose to stay BOUND! We fear the next thing after we release, but in that moment of release, you have to trust God over what you feel! God has already gone before us, so no matter what, you feel, GIVE IT UP! Release it! Submit it!!  

We say that we don’t know God’s Will or Plans! We say we can’t hear from God! What if, what you’re holding on to, is dimming your spiritual senses? No need to wonder because it is! If God has authorized you to carry or hold on to NOTHING, then your view is shifty along with your other spiritual senses being dull, which makes it impossible to hear God’s Voice!

Jesus truly understands! He walked through a process of surrender and didn’t let up! The journey to the CROSS, Carrying the CROSS, hanging from the CROSS, released from the CROSS, placed in a dark tomb to RISE again was a JOURNEY! Yet, we can’t walk a mile in 70 degree weather without complaining, cutting corners and ultimately QUITTING! 🙌🏾😭😭😭 JESUS! Help us!

Jesus counted the COST and still SURRENDERED!

We often think too much! Our perspective at times is very skewed! We expect and think things are supposed to be a certain way, so we remain right where our thinking took us, forgetting that our ways are not like God’s Ways; our thoughts are not like God’s thoughts!

It really is as simple as it is! Just surrender! What’s the worse that can happen! Jesus really took the worse for the entire world! The way I see it, the BEST is just waiting to happen and to be revealed to you, as you SURRENDER, which is:


I love you all!

Yalonda 💛
✨YOLO signing out✌🏾✨


Aja Whatley Canales - May 10th, 2024 at 9:42am

Heavy on the NOT MY WILL LORD BUT YOUR WILL BE DONE ! Amen! 🙌🏾❤️I surrender it All! Less of me and more of YOU!

Yalonda - May 10th, 2024 at 6:03pm

Heavy on it! I really sing those words, more of you and less of me,” often! Glad you were able to read it!