Surrender After Sunday

God shook the HOUSE this past Sunday and I can honestly still feel the vibration of the intense worship that took place! The Spirit took off and had HIS WAY! I say this every week, but each week becomes RICHER and more prominent than the week before!


During pregame we were able to ask a few people how they would express surrender! The responses were BEAUTIFUL! Needless to say they were ready for the series as well! Here are some of the surrender moments:

✨Giving My Whole Self; the Good and the Bad! Freedom comes when you give it to Jesus!
✨Giving up my fleshy ways! Following God’s Will versus my ways!
✨ Willing Vessel
✨Putting Whole self forward
✨Surrender In His Presence

God truly blessed us before service started! As I scanned the room prior to service, I was able to see the calm before the Storm! Prayer took off and as soon as the Elder got on her knees as she prayed, my heart was touched! I honestly told God, “This how we starting, huh? 😂 You already wrecking us!” I heard the prayers of those in sanctuary, the praises and sounds throughout prayer so I knew worship was going to have us fully surrendering.

Pastor came out the gate and the first thing he said that triggered my spirit was: “THE ISSUE IS THAT YOU STOPPED SURRENDERING!” I felt like that was a direct conversation piece that God was speaking directly to me! Whew! Lord Here is my HEART! Change it and renew it! I surrender all to you! My heart was full and that was just the very beginning!

We look at the foundation of our lives and see things changing and shifting but how often are we checking with God to see what our heart posture is? How often are we submitting everything to Christ and surrendering all to Him? Pregame when she spoke of surrendering the GOOD and the BAD, God spoke to me in that moment and sent me back to Hannah! Her heart and posture before God was beautiful She kept her word, surrendered and dedicated Samuel back to God! That spoke of her honor and worship before God and her entire heart posture! God blessed her! It was GOOD! She gave him right back to God! That was beautiful to me!

How many of us can give back to God what He has given us! During worship, the Worship Pastor said I surrender my life, my children, my plans, my church! 😭🙌🏾 JESUS! We never want to hold so tight to things that the value of it becomes depreciated because, the Grace God has given for that thang has been expired!

The moment we surrender to God, it gives room for God to truly do what He needs to do through us! Our focus becomes more about God than the thing that we’re continually holding on to!

Pastor spoke on our lives being a lifestyle to be like CHRIST who rose again and not like a one day event (in response to Easter)! Daily we have to die to ourselves. Daily we have to recognize and understand the depths of the Cross! The Death of Jesus on the Cross, allows us to live FREE everyday! With surrender comes FREEDOM! Glory to God!

Jesus Surrendered HIS LIFE, so we can HAVE LIFE!

We have to trust in God’s Sovereignty and know that all control belongs to Him! We have to stop holding on and trying to control the narrative when God is the AUTHOR of our lives! That thing we refuse to surrender to God and allow Him to control will continue to have a hold on us and block us from receiving the true healing and deliverance that God has made available to us!

I know many of us have had problems with control and releasing control because of the trauma we have experienced or even how life has had its way, but when I tell you all that losing control to God allows us to gain control of the life that we have because in God, it’s only peace! He has allowed us to LIVE, MOVE and have our BEING in HIM!

When it comes to surrender we have to check ourselves first! We can’t be so focused on what others are doing, why they are doing it, how they are doing it or none of that! Surrender the expectations we have of wanting to compare and compete with another! God has given us all unique purposes for our lives! We have our own assignments, so we are all able to be used, and even at the same time! Thats the blessing of serving a God like ours! He gets the GLORY, we get to do life with HIM! His Glory is for our benefit!

If Jesus lived a life of surrender and we are to look to Jesus as our example, then guess what CHOSEN???? We are to live a life of surrender as well!

Let’s Surrender!

I love y’all!

Yalonda 💛 ✨YOLO Signing Out✌🏾✨


Darcy - April 11th, 2024 at 2:36pm

I already went back to watch it again and whew it was a fire message that really had me reevaluating some things! I SURRENDER

Yalonda - April 12th, 2024 at 5:02am

Whew! I was the same way when had to go back and watch! I SURRENDER!

Detra - April 11th, 2024 at 7:34pm

The peace I have felt from losing control 💕. I was that control freak but I was always anxious, always worrying and constantly stressed. I had to remove me. I was the problem. I surrender!

Yalonda - April 12th, 2024 at 5:03am

But GOD!!! Say had to remove ME! It’s that heart that says, God check me FIRST! I want to be made whole in You! I surrender 😭🙌🏾

Evonne Williams - April 15th, 2024 at 8:30am

Whew! Love it! This was a deep message. I Surrender All💛🩷